Sunday, 26 December 2010

Merry Christmas my blogfriends

I want to thank you and wish you all a continued wonderful Christmas. I'm very thankful for all of you who come by and visit, leave comments and become followers. I can't believe I have 187 followers to this date and I haven't even forced the last 80 of you, lol.

I have big plans for my blog next year - going on 3 years now. I'll get a candy together when I reach 200 followers so keep on signing up. I'm also planning to have more tutorials, some sewing ones where I will need a testaudience. AND I will finally like to launch my new blog "crafters guide".

No cards today, but I want to show you a pair of earrings I made for myself. Who said a grey Christmas isn't beautiful? I really like that the earrings look like exclusive ornaments.

Hope you're having a fabulous time and will stop by soon again.

PS. If you're tired of all the Christmasfood and would like a caloriefree candy, then Samantha has a surprise candy for you. Just show her something you made for Christmas that's not a card and link a pic up to her blog.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Katarrina, Thanks for joining in with my Candy Challenge I love your Earings! they are so pretty! and I am also pleased you had time to make them for yourself! I must take a leaf out of your book! I made everyone else stuff and got everything ready for everyone and forgot about myself! doh!
Hope to see your joining in some of my other challenges too!
hugs Samantha :0)