Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Sleeping mask

I have finished a couple of project earlier that I haven't showed you yet. This one I made for my sweetheart when he was going to the US. I offered him to use my sleepingmask in purple and black silk/lace, but that was "too girly" :D
Although purple too, these fabrics were chosen by him a while back. I had actually started on this mask months ago, being about halfway through, then it disappeared in my big "to finish" pile. So I worked on it halfway through the night before he left and put it in his handluggage. Too bad he didn't find it until I told him about it when he was in the hotelroom. Attention to details, huh? At least he could use it on the flight back...

I'm very proud of how I managed to fold the bias around the mask. Not bad for 2-3 in the morning :D

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Kasia said...

Hey Katarina!

This is really something! And this is so well done too! I love the colours on the piece!