Saturday, 8 November 2008

Craft stamper blog

A few year's back I used to subscribe to Craft stamper - an english magazine. It was full of stampingtechniques and as a new stamper I loved it to bits. Unfortunately, for a couple of reasons I didn't renew my subscription. Recently I have read blogs where people praise this magazine and all the fabulous ideas it gives them. So I'm thinking about wishing a subscription for Christmas. The subscription I had before I had gotten for my b-day and it was wonderful because I got a "gift" every month for a whole year. The thing is that I've just recently started subscribing to Stampers' sampler and I must say I'm very disappointed. The old issues of this magazine were packed with ideas, but the last 3 issues I've read are not satisfactory. I love all the cards and the beautiful pictures of them, but what I miss is different techniques, ideas etc. Right now it looks more like a "take ten" mag than anything else. For that price I would've rather bough some catch up issues to be honest. But maybe the Craft stamper really is that good? And I don't have anything on my wishlist yet...

I have been to their new blog and noticed that they have a blogcandy to celebrate the new blog. Click here if you want to see the new blog and what they are giving away.

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