Saturday, 22 November 2008

Sketch challenge at magnolia vs stampavie

I guess it was just a matter of time before I got a challenge I needed to struggle with and a card I wasn't so happy with in the end. I had started thinking that I can't make any cards I'm not satisfied with, but I was wrong, haha. But last time I made a card I wasn't that satisfied with I got the most comments ever on it, so you never know.

I actually experimented a bit with the colors. Usually I use either blue/silver or red/green/gold. So I challenged myself a little extra by trying to combine these colorschemes. It was interesting, but I think they are seperated for a reason :D

Anyway, here's my entry.

If you want to join or look at other people's cards, you can visit Magnolia vs. Stampavie blog here.

Sorry about the bad pic. Unfortunately I can't photograph my card since the daylight disappears around 3pm and I like crafting in the evening/nights. When I've taken a better pic I will put it in my album (the slideshow). You can click on it and look at my other creations.

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