Sunday, 25 January 2009

House mouse challenge #21

Phew, this one was a hard one - a color challenge using:
olive green - sure, I love that color.
peachy pink - hmm, yeah I can make that work AND
navy blue?! - YUCK! lol.

I swear I didn't look at the DT cards when I did this one (there is a card using the same image and colored similar). I just had this image of the jumping mice and thought it would work great with green and peach. I hoped I was going to find some navy blue for the background and I did. I had a small piece of this beautiful blue with silver swirls paper. I was going to add a text, but I wanted as much of the blue paper to show. The card is simple, but I think it turned out great. The only thing that annoys me is that the scrappy glue I use ruins the ribbon. I thought it would dry completly, but it didn't. Instead it leaves marke. What do you use to fasten ribbons? Especially those thin ones, or the see-through?

The branches, mice and leaves are colored in with promarkers/pantone. I didn't have this peachy shade, not even close, so I used light orange and fushia waterpencils to get the shade. That's why some of the flowers are more pink and some more orange. I think it makes them look more natural though so I'm glad I didn't have the right shade becasue it made me try something new. I'm starting to realize more and more that that's what these challenges are all about. It might not be the endproduct that matters, but how you got there.

I noticed - after bloghopping at the other girls' blogs - that the navy blue wasn't very popular, lol. Most of them just used the color on a flower or a narrow border. I just went all in it seems in comparison, lol, almost too much. But I'm actually even more proud of this card now when I see that the blue was hard for so many to add to their cards. I guess I was lucky with this background paper. I think I'll look for more next time I'm in town...

Go to the house mouse challenge blog and see for yourself what wonderful cards the other girls created. There are a lot of great interpretations out there.

Last week I was actually the winner on the HMchallenge blog. There was this wonderful prize and I got it! It arrived in the mail during the week and it's my first Christmas/winter house mouse! This is one of my favourite winter stamps and I'm so glad I got it. Thank you so much to 7 kids college fund for sponsoring. The funny thing is that I almost missed to be in the draw for the stamp because I hadn't read that the cards need to be uploaded by sunday 8pm GMT. I loaded mine up after that, but they decided to run the same challenge for another week (because of the holidays and all) so I made the deadline and won. Phew. If they hadn't run it for another week I wouldn't have been in the draw and someone else would've won. So I want to say sorry to that person for "stealing" your stamp ;)

Aren't they just too cute?


Jean said...

Such a lovely card - that is a cute image!! I usually put double sided tape on the card then stretch the ribbon over it - sometimes I just place a glue dot under the bow or knot or an embellishment and dont bother to glue down the rest of the ribbon if it wraps around to the back. HTH.

Carmen O. said...

Your card is beautiful! I like how you did the navy background. Ribbon can be a pain but glue dots or running it through a Xyron X is a good way to attach it.

Conibaer said...

You won again! Wow! Looks like you are a lucky girl!!!
I just love your card. It´s beautiful!

Sassy Crafts said...

I think your card is fabulous and you have done a great job. Thanks for joining in. x

Ziggyeor said...

Your card is great and good job on using the color navy blue ;)

To do ribbon I either attatch it with tape on the back, run it through my xyron X, staples or I have the Leave it to Weaver Fiskars Punch.