Wednesday, 28 January 2009

My first blinkie!

I'm not a computerwiz - not even close - and I don't even like computers (although I spend most of my time in front of it, lol) Let's just say the feeling is mutual since computers like to mess with me. Despite that I somehow managed to make my own blinkie! It's pretty simple and I'm not sure if the blinking text isn't too annoying, lol, but I'm so proud of myself! I took the photo, added the text and made it blink! wohoo!

The picture is of my half-finished birdie I made with my new Tilda fabric. I'm hoping to finish it before the end of the month to inspire you to join my challenge. You can click the image to go directly to the post where I try to explain what it's all about.

Speaking of the birdie here's what I have so far:

I'm thinking about adding some kind of beads to the edge. I was thinking about pearls, but I don't have any so these shiny beads will have to do (I only have a string of beads, but it's not long enough). I'm also thinking about adding a frill to his tail. The thing I'm mostly puzzled about is if I should have a piece of ribbon to hang him in, because if he sits, then the pretty dark-purple fabric doesn't show. I know I should've thought of this before because now I have to make a hole on the seam on his head, putting in the ribbon and sewing it by hand. It won't look as good as it would have if I had sewn the ribbon from the start. I'm thinking about adding eyes, but I'm not sure. Maybe he should be more decorative than representative. What do you think?

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