Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Oh baby

This week on a spoon full of sugar the theme was "oh baby" - create a card for a New Baby, Mum-to-be, New Mum or Pre-schooler. I had just coloured this wonderful bunny from uptown design and I couldn't resist making a baby card (especially when I just came across the paper while cleaning my corner). I cut the paper so the text "new arrival" would show in the corner. I used a new "technique" for the ribbon. It's a long piece of organzaribbon and a tiny piece of yellow that I wrapped the sheer one around. Does that make sense? It's 5.30am and I haven't slept at all tonight, so I might be a bit fuzzy, lol. (I'm having hard sleeping that's why I've been up all night) I actually stole the ribbon idea from a card I got today.

I have found a great tip about how to get better photos when the daylight is gone. I'll try to fix it during the week and see if it makes any difference.

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