Saturday, 14 February 2009

Happy Valentine's

Happy Valentine's everyone. Just a quick note to show you what I got for Valentine's:
the latest "Tilda" book with a lot of beautiful sewing projects. I've already started on the angel in the lower right corner. They are so big! I didn't look at how big they would turn out, but when I started sewing I noticed it, lol. They get about 50cm! (20")
Let's see if I can finish her or if it's another candidate for my "almost finished" bag.

Have a great day!

The author of this book (and a whole bunch of others) is Tone Finnanger. I know of two internet shops that sell her books. I know there is at least one book that's in english. But if you just want the patterns and you know how to sew then you can get them in any of the languages (mostly norwegian and swedish, the author is from Norway) The first bookshop is:

Bokus. I'm not sure if they ship abroad, but I think so. Mail and ask.

The other one is:
adlibris, but they only ship to scandinavia.


Conibaer said...

The book looks awesome! I can´t wait to see your angel!

Diane said...

This book is fantastic!!! Whre can we purchase this book, I am fromthe US...I can sew jsut by the patterns without instructions....Love all of the projects, are there ,more?? Thanks for visiting my blog and good luck on the blog coandy I will draw it tomorrow night, or at least hubby will....I like putting him on the spot!