Sunday, 8 February 2009

HM Valentine challenge #23

I'm back with another HM card. I've been quite busy this weekend rearranging my corner. We got a new uncollapsable (hopefully) bookshelf. Unfortunately it wasn't as deep as my former one and not everything fits like I wanted it to. So I have been trying to figure out how everything should be. I'm hoping for a light at the end of the tunnel soon because I'd love to have it cleeeeaaaan.

I did find a small corner where I could make a slightly different Valentine card. It doesn't always have to be a person you love. Here is a celebration of the love for a cupcake, lol.

Let me know what you think, it's been sooo quiet here lately...

1 comment:

Sassy Crafts said...

So cute and i like the way you have gone non traditional with the colours. x