Thursday, 12 February 2009

New Whiff of joy release!

I have been thinking what my next stamppurchase will be. There are a couple of Magnolias I'm fond of, I saw some gorgeous new stamps from Sugarnellie and High hopes has some cute ones too. But when I saw this new release at Katharina's blog I totally freaked out! (in a good way, lol)
I have been so sad that I didn't order the previous stamps designed by illustrator Alison Acton. I love these Charlotte and Charlie characters, but was hesitant of the Christmas stamps because I like getting stamps you can use all year around (or at least for more occasions). And when I finally decided I wanted to get my favs they were gone :(

This new release will be on feb 14:th - what a wonderful Valentine's gift. The theme is medieval and what I have seen so far...I want them all. And I'm usually satisfied with one or two stamps from a line - then they look too similar, but with these. Sigh, I'm in love. Dragons and jesters and maidens and princesses...And so romantic with the release on Valentines. I want to be whisked away by a knight in shining armour, lol. Don't you just love this little guy?

Since there are so many stamps that I want (there are supposed to be 10 of them) I have decided to get them for myself as a birthdaygift. I don't want to regret again not getting them because I'm sure I will have a lot of use of them. The perfect thing would be to win at least some of them, lol. Katharina is actually letting one person win the whole set. Oh, I hope that will be me...

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