Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Looking for fabrics!

I have a friend that is crazy about the sailorfashion - you know the white/blue red/white stripey fabrics, anchors etc. I want to sew her a make-up bag or a small purse. I've been looking like crazy for fabrics like that in the small shops here, but not found anything. We have one big fabricstore outside of town and if I won't find anything there I never will.

So I started looking on the net and I found one great shop in the UK with two fab fabrics that would be perfect, but they are not replying to my e-mails! They have one of those forms and I have sent 3 messages with no reply. I wanted to know how much the shipping would be, but since they are not answering I don't dare ordering at all. Anyone knows what's up with the shop or where I can buy similar fabrics? The shop is called JB quilting fabrics.

Fabric 1

Fabric 2

I'd apreciate any help, thanks.

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