Wednesday, 1 April 2009

WARNING - This Tilda may cause serious mindblowing and heavy jealousy

I have to show you what I got from my easter swapping friend Julia. Boy will you regret not entering!

I am totally gobsmacked and so impressed it's just...whaaaa...I can't find the words.
The easterswap rules were to sew something for your assigned partner that you thought would fit after looking at their blogs. Since I don't have a sewingblog my partner had a bit of a challenge. But she saw that I had made a couple of Magnolia cards so you know what she did? She DESIGNED a ragdoll from a Magnolia Tilda stamp!!!! Not only did she do this but she excecuted it into perfection:

I absolutely love the colours she has chosen. They look so festive, eastery and just right for my corner. I love vibrant colours! Doesn't she look just like a Tilda from the shabby chic collection with the ribbon and all?

This is a lifesize chair she's sitting on. Can you imagine the work she put into it?! She even made a little tag that says that the doll is especially made for me!

She even sewed a petbunny for the doll:

And if that wasn't enough she made this birdhanging from some of the scraps - casually just like that. Like it's not hard at all.

I also got a decoration bunny and a chocolatechick (that is currently missing her head, lol)

Everything was giftwrapped seperately in pretty easterpaper. I didn't photograph it because I was so excited about opening my gift. I had picked it up at the PO a couple of days earlier but didn't open it since I wasn't sure if we were going to open our gifts "together". I opened the birdies first and was very happy with the gift. But they weren't even the main gift! I feel slightly ashamed over the one I sent to my partner (it wasn't the same that I had gotten my gift from). I'm happy about how my gift turned out too, but it was nothing like this! I really hit the jackpot! It's like a huge blogcandy turned into one. I won't complain now that I haven't won any blogcandies after entering dussins of them, lol.

If you are a Magnoliafan, please spread the word - I want everyone to come by and see this amazing work of art! I have put the doll in my corner so I can look at her every time I craft.

Oh, and I have officially named her Julia - after her maker :)


Steph said...

Wow wee - you lucky lucky girl - that Julia is super talented - I WANT that Tilda doll LOL *hugs* Steph xxx p.s. thanks for letting me know the blocks arrived safely:)

Linda S. said...

Wow, You are one lucky lady!! Wow, Wow, and more Wow!! What a gift you received. That Magnolia doll is OUTSTANDING!! The woman that made that should, (if she doesn't already) have a site on to sell those dolls. They would be VERY popular. You hit the jackpot, that is for sure. Linda S. in NE lsfouratwindstreamdotnet

Chris (catt871) said...

WOWWWW!! That doll is amazing!! Sooo cute!!! I know I'm jealous!!! ;-)

ittybittyinkspotstoo said...

OMGOSH, This is amazing! What a darling doll and bunnie! I can see the work and love that went into this. I can only imagine how excited you were when you opened this!! You are so LUCKY!!! I would of been speechless too!!

Kerry D-C said...

OH. My. Goodness!! This is SO CUTE! she should sell these and I want one!!!!!!! Super CUTE! thanks for sharing!

Roz said...

You are the luckiest gal on the planet!!! Julia needs to go into business making these dolls...she is awesome!

Tricia said...

What a fabulous present!! And I *love* that word... gobsmacked! I must add it to my vocabulary!!!!! :)

Tink said...

She is BEAUTIFUL! Dose the lady sell them? Dose she have a site?

KimberlyO said...

Ditto what Linda S. said... She really NEEDS at Etsy store.. I'd buy one of those dolls! :) (I think my teenage nieces would also like her.)

What a fabulous doll!!

Sheri said...

Holey Moley! I want to be Julia's new BFF! that is one awesome!

Candy said...

WOW - you really got a magnificent gift!! Your Bunny went out of her way to make something so wonderful for you! I would have fainted I am sure to unwrap that doll!!
The bird hanger is lovely as well, and the tiny rabbit.

MarieL said...

Wow, this is such a terrific present. Totally awesome !!! What a talented lady and so are you. Your cards are very beautiful

Handmade by Vivi said...

Wow!!! your are right, I'm very very jealous of you!
YES, You're so luckyyy!!
Congratulations on your Tilda Doll.
This lady that made it is a genius!and 'm wondering if she takes order.. oh, I have to get in touch w/her!!
Vivi Casale
S Paulo, Brazil

Ila said...

This is Absolutely the Cutest doll!!..and your blog and creations are Gorgeous!!...Hugs, Ila

PattiM said...

Amazing! Awesome workmanship... She should consider selling them... All us magnolia-liciouses would buy one....


(Pattie's passion)

I ScrapSo All Moments Are Remembered!!!

Christine said...

Wow, you are a lucky girl!!! I would love to receive such a special gift. I can't believe the amazing talent that your friend has. I would definitely want to buy one if they were available. Tilda is just beautiful. Thanks for telling us all about it.

Crafty Guam Girl said...

Ohmigoodness that is just way too cute! You are totally lucky!!

Does your friend take orders? LOL!!!

Thanks for sharing your wonderful gift!!


Suzy said...

Wow I am indeed green with jealousy that is so beautiful - not only do I wish I owned a doll like that, I wish I had the talent to make one. What a lovely gift you are very lucky :)