Saturday, 8 August 2009

Cellphone holder

Today I thought I'd show you one of my finally finished projects - a casing for my cellphone. I often use my backpack or bags that don't have those special compartments, so I wanted to protect the phone from scratches. I used a pattern - or rather a description of how to make one - HERE at sew-mad. I love this blog - a lot of great tutorials.

The tutorial is quite easy to understand althogh if you're a dumbass like me you might need some extra fabric and patience, lol. I think this is my third try, I started with 2 camera casings first. I strongly recommend to cut out a pattern from your measurements. I just wrote mine up and thought I'd transfer it to the fabric, but when I cut out the fabric I noticed I had forgotten seamallowence around the flapcorners or something like that. If you make a pattern in paper you can put your phone/camera on it and see if it makes sense.

Anyhee, here's what I came up with, pretty discreet. I finished it yesterday by sewing on the last velcro (on the flap). Sometimes that's all I have left on a project and it can be laying unfinished for months (or years, *cough*)
I'm thinking about adding the little bow. It won't be practical, but much cuter. What do you think?

I love the black/pink combo. I chose the outer fabric to be dark so it wouldn't attract too much attention. I know it's not that flashy phone, but it's mine and I don't want to get it stolen because it shows too much, right?

Just to clarify: this is made out of fabric :)


Card Making Nut Jo said...

Very nice! Personally I think it looks great without the bow, but that's just me :)

Claudia Rosa said...

that is really cute!
i love the simple polkadot paper and that it is dark. it really is something i would use too.

Louise said...

This is great - I love the flash of colour inside!
Louise x

Rach said...

a fabulous little phone holder.
Thank you for entering my candy. good luck. hugs rachxx

madhatter said...

lovely cell phone cosy!

you asked about the lining: I always cut the lining the same sitze as the exterior, but I change the needle position while sewing, so the lining turns out a tiny little bit smaller than the exterior. this way there's no bulk. 1mm at each seam will do the trick ;)

Pat said...

It's a fab idea and it is lovely, i wouldn't mind one :) I am so useless at sewing.
Thank you for entering my blog candy. The best of luck to you.
Hugs xx