Sunday, 9 August 2009

Something about Simon

I don't think anyone in crafty blogland has missed Simon says stamp. If you have then where have you been?
I must admit I haven't been shopping at their store yet, but I hope to very soon :)
I have been going through their selection and they have so many different things - maybe too much, lol. The shop is quite easy to navigate. The only thing I'm not superhappy about is that you can't get a bigger picture when you click on the items. I miss that, but other than that it's super. Each item even has a detailed discription, measurements etc. so you know what you get, how many of each and so on. If you scroll down when you look at a paperstack you get to see ALL of the patterns included in the stack. I LOVE it! No ugly surprises when you get the things home.

When proceeding to checkout you can do that as a guest - no need to sign up and register first. I hate when it takes forever just to register and then you forget the password until next time anyway. Here you have a choice. If you shop often then register, if not, shop as a guest. Brilliant.

One of the biggest reservations I have when shopping on the internet are the shippingrates, but even here the SSS are great. Outside the US (and under $100 in items) you only pay the flatrate envelope of $12. The domestic rates are even better and there is even free shipping for both US and international customers when ordering over a certain amount. That's the kind of shipping I like.

Hmm, come to think of it, I'll pop over now and see what I can't live without ;)
And I suggest that you hop over to the Simon says stamp blog and find out how you can win $100 worth of products.

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