Monday, 23 November 2009

Back home

I'm back home from the hospital now. Nothing unusual was found, the doctors can't explain why I'm in pain, I got painkillers, end of story.

Moving on...

I got TONS of new "toys" while I was gone. Here's my fun list to play with:

*7-8 house mouse
*8 or so sugar nellies
*1 magnolia parrot
*one big box of craft goodies, some chipboard albums, stickles, stamps, nesties etc.
*three bags of sale items from my local shop (what do you mean? I HAD to help them empty the store before the move)
*two sheet of sweetpea stamps

Ironically enoough I don't feel like making cards, lol. I'm into sewing and jewelrymaking right now. Yesterday I finished a project for a friend - can't show it yet since she might be lurking around here. During the weekend I finished 2,5 sets of earrings. I got an order for a pair of those angelearrings that I auctioned out. My first jewelrysale! Woohooo!

I'm not even close to be fit for fight, but whenever I can I try to craft a bit. I'm trying to take it easy, but I miss not showing you my projects. I'll be back - it might be a bit more seldom in the beginning, but I'll be back :)

P,S. I got a great Amy Butler bag pattern. I know just which fabrics to use. Just need to figure out the pattern. Haven't yet, lol. Maybe I should try to do it my way and see if it makes sense...hmmm....I'll let you know how "my way" turns out.

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nasuha ahmad helmi said...

hope you will get better soon! have a nice day katarina!
hugs nasuha =)

Louise said...

Glad you're out of hospital, Katarina :) Hope the pain killers help.
Louise x0x