Thursday, 30 October 2008

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Dawn has gotten over 20,000 hits on her blog and is spontaniously decided to give away some blogcandy. Congrats Dawn. I hope to get that many hits too someday (hopefully within a decade, lol)

The thing you have to do to enter her blogcandy is to take a photo of your scraproom/corner and put it on your blog. You can find all the details on her blog:

Dawn's blog

I found some pics of my corner. It starts out good and then it gets messier and messier, lol. Maybe I should've just shown the first pic. I don't think I've had it this organized for at least a year. I usually just put away the main stuff.

I would love to do something creative with this white wall. I've been thinking about putting up pics and a memoryboard, but the wall is of concrete and I don't want to drill in it too much. I have been thinking about putting up a big piece of wood and then drilling into that whenever I want to put something up. I'm not sure how to do it though and what piece of wood I would need.

This is the two bookshelves behind me where I keep papers, stickers, magazines, UM's, jewelryitems, sewingmachine and a bunch of other things.

Here's my super piece of furniture that holds my woodmounted stamps. I used to have qk and cuttlebugstuff there too, but after my 60+ Penny Black collection I needed more space. On top I have my big cuttingtool.

It holds three layers of stamps and I have them sorted in: winter Penny Blacks, all year Penny Blacks, HM's and a few Suzy's zoo, big stamps like backgrounds, small stamps and finally those that I haven't had time to stamp up yet. Because I stamp up every new stamp I get into a little folder I have sorted in categories. Lately I've had so many stamps I haven't had the time to do that, so they have a drawer of their own.

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Dawn said...

Hi there - OOh love the tidy desk you have loads of storage too and I can see some gorgeous stamps there!!
I could imagine a mural on your white wall!!
Thanks for joining in!
Good Luck