Tuesday, 28 October 2008

My prize

Remember I told you earlier about a contest I managed to win? It was a lottery and my name got picket out of 1500 cards! Here are the stamps I won, nicely delivered in organzabags. I really like the tree/birdstamp. Think it would go nicely with either chalks or a multicolored pad.

Speaking of pads: I was playing around with my Kaleidacolor one yesterday. There is a little piece of plastic that stands out when you're trying to rub the pad directly onto paper. I started fiddling around with it and noticed that the little pads of different colors could be shoved together to leave one pad without spaces. Haha, I've had this pad for at least a year and didn't figure out how it worked until yesterday. I used to just dab the stamp back and forth to cover the spaces :D You learn something new every day, even about your craftstuff.

The stamps are from unitystamp

Unfortunately there was no teddyconvention for us yesterday. We were both feeling bad and it was raining cats and dogs so we stayed home instead.

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