Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Cards for soldiers

I managed to make five cards for the soldiers I talked about earlier. My plan was to design one card and then duplicate it a couple of times. I was being realistic and limited myself to making a total of 5 of the same card. Do I need to say I got bored after/during the second one? LOL. So I let myself continue with whatever Christmascard I wanted and if I wouldn't make it on time it would be fine - at least I had two. But as I let myself do whatever I wanted I realized that the idea I had at first was really good and I continued making cards in the same style, but with different pre-colored images and embossed patterns. In the end I sent five cards that I was very happy with.

I wanted to make white cards, thinking of peace, but I didn't have any images of doves. I did however have beautiful white embossed cards and a couple of angelstamps. The thing I really wanted when thinking about these cards was that I wanted the soldiers to be able to personalize the cards. I gave up that idea, but while I was making the cards and putting tabs on them (so to speak ;) I realized that if I left them blank then the soldiers could personalize them that way. (Besides, I didn't have any good word/textstamp for the tabs). Ok, here's what I came up with in the right order:


Suzy said...

Beautiful cards and a wonderful cause!

Stitchinwitch said...

Your cards are lovely. Thanks for visiting my blog and good luck with the candy

kama said...

Thank you for the nice comments girls. Makes me very happy :)