Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Any interest in hÄnglar?

I know a lot of you are fond of the hÄnglar stamps. Is there anyone who would be interested in buying some from me? I have some totally new that I'm not using. Just putting it out there, maybe someone will be interested...


Julie - scattycat69 said...

Hi Katarina. Yes I would possibly be interested in some of these stamps
here is my link - inspiration

Kathy said...

Oh my I would love some!! I have been trying to get some of these forever!!!!! My email is
If you have any left please let me know!!! I would love it ~ it is a dream for me to get some!!!!
Thanks so much!!


Heike said...

Hi Katarina,

i'm interested can you please send me pictures? My Emailaddy

Thanks so much, i wish you a merry Christmas for you and your family.....