Monday, 8 December 2008

A quick note

I seem to have some fans out there, so I thought I'd let you know what I'm up to. Don't want you to ditch me now, do I? lol.

I've been having a very productive sunday. I noticed that I needed to stop with the challenges (especially those that didn't involve Christmascards) and start on the things that need to be done ASAP.

My mom and I live far from eachother and won't be able to meet for Christmas this year either :( so I'm sending her a little care package. I know, it's usually parents that send carepackages, but in our relationship it's the other way around. She never wants anything, especially if it's expensive, so I'm giving her some DVDs and a couple of chilli truffles that she has never tasted. I always want to give away my present nicely presented, so I made a little box/purse to hold the DVDs. I made it in papers and colors that matches a card I made earlier. (If you're curious I can say it's the blue/purple Penny Black snowtrot card.)

I made photos while I was doing this and hopefully I will be able to make a little tutorial out of it, if you're interested? I like making my own patterns, that way they can look however I want them to and fit exactly.

I also have some packages to send out to my friends. It takes so long to some destinations and I would like for the Christmasgifts to actually arrive for Christmas. I'm always late with those things, but I really have to step up. The biggest problem is usually what to get my friends, but this year I actually have it all figured out. Just need to pack it up and send it. I'm hoping to get those thigs out of the house so I can start focusing on my sweetie's gifts...

Ok, now I'm just rambling on, but what do you expect at 4am?! lol. Nighty night and I'll "see" you tomorrow. I'll have some more candy to share with you for the week.

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