Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Thank you card and diving photo

I almost missed this challenge, so I've been up half the night to make a card (well, not only for the card, I've been doing other pre-Christmas things). I really wanted to join this challenge because there is this adorable Sarah Kay stamp to be won.

I have - now - a little box of already colored in images. I found this little angel I colored a couple of days ago. I also found some "Thank you" stickers in my stash. I don't think I've ever done a thank-you card, but thought this image of the angel holding heart-flowers was great for this. Normally I would've used silver with purple, but I had to go with the textcolor. I also applied some goldglitter on her wings. I like the way I took some red color to focus on the flowers. I also put some goldglitter on the flower.

As usual, I'll take a better pic and put it up in the gallery (my slideshow to the right) Speaking of pics: have you seen my profilephoto yet? It's taken during my fiancées birthday trip in august to celebrate his 30:th birthday. We went to Malta to dive with our new certificates we had fought to get during spring/summer. We just made it in time for the trip. On location we fell inlove with the water (at least 6 meters visibility) so we decided to continue on our certificates and take the advanced level. We ended up spending his birthday on 30 meters depth! It was such an experience. This photo of me is taken at about 15 meter's depth. I'm "flying" above a ravine that went down to about 40 meters. It looked like an abyss, dark and deep. I thought maybe the photo would show it, but naturally you can't take that kind of photos with a simple camera. Besides - it was the first time we had a camera under water with us, so I still think it's a great pic.

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Anonymous said...

Awwww...your card is ADORABLE! I really love everything about it. Awesome image too! :)