Friday, 24 October 2008

Make a bookmark and help cancerresearch!

Unfortunately I didn't win with my previous card :( It was decided randomly. I'm sure that if it had been decided on talent I would've won ;) I'm so modest...haha.

I'm struggling on though and this time the challenge is to make a bookmark using "chick lit" (which I guess is female litterature) or just a bookmark in pink. Most of the items you use should be things they have in their store. The prize is 2 sets of pink decorations that will be randomly picked, so anyone can win!
The best part is that for every entry they get they donate 5sek to the "pink ribbon" breastcancer research. Maximum of one entry per person.
It all ends tomorrow saturday 25:th oct. so hurry to make your bookmark!
Scan/photograph it and send it to (max 400x400pixels):

Here are the details (in Swedish) and some inspiration:
bookmark challenge for breastcancer research

To check out the things they have in the store klick the link below. They have Magnolias that I know are popular, but I have to say that I'm totally bonkers about their own line of reindeer-stamps. They just released a bunch of totally new images and I have to have at least two of the new reindeers :D

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