Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Teddy bear convention coming up!

Every year at the end of october there's a teddy bear convention in my town. I've been going every year for the past 5 or so years together with my fiancée. It's kind of our tradition now. It's very cute and lets us be kids for a little while, which I apreciate a lot. They have a lottery, teddydoctor and an exhibit among a bunch of booths where they sell everything bear-themed. Some of the bears are collectors items and are very expensive. The other ones that are for sale can be quite pricey too, for example Steiff bears. They also have a box where you can leave your stuffed animal for children that are not so fortunate. I plan to leave one every year, but I can't bring myself to give away my childhood friends :( More often I come home with a new friend, haha. Here are some pics from last year's convention.

These were diplayed in a glasscase. Originals from the 50:ies. Can you spot the Robin Hood bear?

Different companies. I love those bears with the long necks, but they were so expensive! Can you see the pricetag on the one stargazing? It's 815 SEK (roughly around 82 euros) I'm not saying he's not worth it. I'm just saying I don't have that kind of money to waste on teddybears. No matter how cute they are...

I love kangaroos and I thought this one was so cute!

I also fell inlove with these little birds, but they were made by Steiff and were too expensive too. I think these birds were around 300SEK if I'm not mistaken and they were lifesize.

There was also this adorable heartbreaking hippo, but I won't show it to you because he might just break your heart. I know I can't look at the photo of him without getting a thug in my heart ;)

PS. You can click the photos to get a much larger and detailed image.

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