Saturday, 15 November 2008

Mini mag holder and candywinner!!!

I managed to get picked for some blogcandy out of 136 people!!! Wohoooo! I won a sheet of chocolatestamps. I'm so excited to use them, will be wonderful for Valentine's, can't wait to get them :) Yey! I got pi-icked, I got pi-icked, la la la la, I'm so happy...Now I should really stop complaining if I don't win other stuff, lol.

Pic is taken from Michele's blog. She's the one that offered the candy.

Yesterday I told you about sheetload of cards and their blog. They had this instruction on how to make your own minimag holder. It seemed so easy so I had to try it. The pattern was printable, so I just put in a piece of paper, printed it out, scored, cut, decorated, glued and voliá! So adorable. I'm definately going to make more. The only problem I had was what to use them for since they are so tiny? My fiancée suggested ATC's. That is brilliant! So the other picture is showing my ATC's. Now you see how tiny the holder is! What else could you use it for other than ATC's? On the blog they made 3x3" cards, but I didn't want to do that. Any suggestions?

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