Tuesday, 24 March 2009

My birthday gifts :)

I haven't showed you what I got for my birthday yet, so here it is:

I found these "gloves" or whatever they are called in the Copenhagen airport when we got back from Barcelona. They were in one of my fav shops called accessorize. Guess what they have there ;) I'm having problems with my wrists and cold hands so these work great especially when I'm writing on the computer. Now I just need to learn how to make these myself because I want one in every colour. I love them!

Bengt's mom got me this great tool for threading seedbeads. It's the wooden thing you see to the left. You pour the beads in there and then you twist the bowl while holding down a needle and they jump right up. I was quite amazed it worked. It will be very useful since I haven't used my box (to the right) of seedbeads due to the extreme amount of time it takes to thread them! The best part is that she didn't even know if I used these kinds of beads, it was a shot in the dark, but she always comes up with the best gifts! HERE is a video if you want to see how it works.

I wished for some Whitesnake albums since I only had the three at the bottom of the pic. Now I got 8 more. Woohooo! Maybe now I will be able to call myself a fan, haha.

I have also been wishing for a smoothiemixer for ages (ever since we got back from Malta in august) The one we had was one of those you hold in your hand and it has just one rotating blade (which totally sucked) It couldn't crush ice or anything frozen which made it totally useless for smoothies. It actually gave up a day or so before my b-day. I promise I didn't break it, lol. So Bengt got me this one that crushes ice and is sooo fancy. I had smoothies for a week, barely ate anything else :) I LUV it!

In our local second hand shop I found this little lamp that I wanted for my hobbycorner. But I noticed it's the same colour as we have some things in the bathroom, so I might use it there. This was my gift to myself.

And of course it isn't a proper celebration without a new teddybear :) I named him Snowy.

I got some money from my mom and decided to splurge a bit on crafts (what else?!) I got some freshwater pearls that were on sale in my local beadshop. I especially like the turquoise ones. I got three different shades that I want to mix. I also got parrot charms. I know exactly how they are going to look when they're done.

And some more of the Tilda fabrics. I noticed I needed some that don't have too much patterns - to blend them out so to speak. The black one with roses I've been looking for forever. I think it looks beautiful with the pink. Can't wait to start on my next project!

Scrapaddicted had a 50% sale on everything exactly one day - my b-day, so I got myself the rest of the promarkers I've been looking for. I was missing a bunch of basic colours like pink, light blue etc, but every time I ordered them they were out. This time I got them all!

So these are the colours I have now + the new ones above. I'm glad they only come in 90 colours, lol. Copics have over 300 colours and they cost 2/3 more, so I'm glad I went with promarkers (although I must admit I would like to get some pinks that aren't available as promarkers)

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